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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

3 Important Questions to Ask About a Skip Bin Hire

by Elsie Holland

Skip bin hire can make any major remodeling project easier and neater; it might also be a legal necessity, as you cannot put the debris you create from a roofing or remodelling job into your everyday rubbish and set it by the curb. Before you do hire a skip bin, however, you want to ensure you know what's involved and know that you rent the bin you need. Note a few important questions to ask any rental agency.

1. Is there a permit needed?

Very often, even the smallest of skip bins requires a permit, and this will be true even if you keep it on your own property or driveway. The only exception is typically a bin that you tow behind your car and if it has a separate license plate or tag. For this type of bin, you would need a hitch to your car, so don't assume that renting it would be a good way to avoid a necessary permit if you don't have such a hitch. The rental agency should be able to advise you on the permits you need for renting bins and may even be able to fill out the paperwork as well, so be sure you ask about this before renting.

2. What size should be rented?

This might seem like an obvious question, but many homeowners choose the smallest skip bin they think they will need for a job. In turn, they wind up overfilling the bin or need to have it emptied more than once; this can be more costly than just getting the size you really need. To ensure you can dispose of everything necessary, talk to the rental agency about the job at hand. They will typically be able to advise you on the bin needed for replacing a roof, tearing down walls, replacing carpeting, or other such common jobs.

3. What cannot be put in a skip bin?

Even if you're paying to have your rubbish removed in a skip bin, you need to ask if there are prohibited items. These bins are not a catchall for anything and everything you want to toss. Prohibited items may include batteries of all sorts, cleaning fluids, motor oils and other car fluids, cooking oils, pet waste, human waste, and in some cases even mattresses. Your rental agency should have a comprehensive list of what you cannot put in their bins, and you need to ensure you review this list before your project begins.