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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

Add Value To Your Farm Produce Through Fruit Roller Brushes

by Elsie Holland

If you are a fruit producer, supplier or retailer, you can give your products an edge by using roller brushes during processing. When customers go to the grocery store or supermarket, they are looking for only the best produce available. Fruit roller brushes not only ensure your fruit looks good, they also reduce poor handling during processing. This makes your produce more appealing to the clients. Read on to see how you can achieve these results.

Clean fruit looks healthier and more appealing

Consumers want fruit produce that looks healthy. The parameters used to gauge this include the appearance and feel. If sold straight from the farm, your produce would look unattractive to the discerning shopper. Your fruit would have soil, water marks and even chemical remnant from the farm. However, with the application of roller brushes, you can clean your produce and ensure a healthy and more appealing product for the end customer. 

Fruit roller brushes can serve multiple functions

Fruit roller brushes do not just clean fruit. With roller brushes, you can also dry fruit after cleaning, polish and even wax your produce. The difference lies in the type of brushes you use. Cleaning brushes have more rigid bristles that get rid of any dirt on the fruit surface. Drying brushes, on the other hand, have longer and thicker filaments that absorb moisture from the fruit. Your fruit roller brush manufacturer can advise you on the best product for your particular fruit for best results.

Saves time during processing

In case you're wondering why you cannot process your fruit manually, the answer is time. Preparing fruit manually would simply to be too time-consuming. Wholesalers have to process tonnes of produce before it gets shipped out. With fruit roller brushes, you can clean, dry and polish fruit through conveyor systems much faster. This cuts down processing time to avoid delays in the supply chain.

Roller brushes keep your fruit undamaged

Another reason why fruit roller brushes are ideal for pre-sale processing is because fruit is delicate. Human processing, even where possible, should not be encouraged.  This is because if fruit gets pressed or squeezed, it may leave marks that will ruin the quality of the product. With fruit roller brushes, the fine bristles rub against the fruit without exerting any pressure that could damage your product. Human handling is therefore kept at a minimum throughout.

With expectations from consumers at peak levels, fruit roller brushes can ensure you meet their high demands and increase your business turnover. For more information, contact a company like B.J.J. Industrial Brushes Pty Ltd.