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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

Landlords: Five Tips for Protecting the Carpet in Your Rental Property

by Elsie Holland

If you own a rental property, you understand the challenges of keeping it in good order while you have renters living there. Keeping the carpet clean can be especially challenging, but unless you are willing to replace the carpet between each tenancy, you should create a plan to protect your carpet. Here are five carpet protection strategies for landlords:

1. Provide Your Tenants with Door Mats

Door mats can be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting carpets. They sit in the doorway and capture the dirt and dust from people's shoes before they walk into the home. To help protect the carpet in your rental property, provide your tenants with doormats – one for the inside and outside of every door.

Look for mats made of abrasive materials that "grip" dirt and dust more aggressively than soft cloth mats.

2. Utilise Plastic Mats in High Traffic Areas

For carpet near doorways, along hallways or in other high traffic areas, create an extra layer of protection with plastic mats. These mats have little bumps or spikes on the bottom that allow them to sit on carpet without moving, and they protect the carpet from wear and tear as well as dirt.

3. Schedule Annual Cleaning

Most professional carpet cleaning companies (such as Dry King) recommend that you get your carpets cleaned once or twice a year depending on your lifestyle. Although many homeowners take this advice, renters may be less likely to schedule carpet cleaning for a place that they do not own.

To ensure that the carpet in your rental gets cleaned as often as it should, schedule annual or bi-annual professional carpet cleaning. You can pay for this as part of maintaining your property, or you can stipulate in the lease that the renter carries this responsibility.

4. Collect Pet Deposits

Pets with their greasy paws and urine accidents can also wreak havoc on a carpet. You can protect your rental from pets by simply not allowing them, or you can charge a pet deposit. That way if you have to buy new carpet, you will at least have some of the money you need upfront.

5. Use a Sealant on Your Carpet

A sealant prevents stains from setting in the carpet, and it makes it easier to clean any stains that do occur. You can buy a carpet that has sealant in it, but you can also have carpet cleaners add sealant after they clean your carpet.