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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

5 Tips for Keeping the Air in Your Hotel Rooms Smelling Nice Instead of Stale

by Elsie Holland

Smoky rooms, poor air quality or unexplained smells are all things that will drive customers away from your hotel, but with the right strategies in place, you can avoid these pitfalls. If you want your hotel rooms to smell clean and fresh to every guest who arrives, here are five tips for you. Implementing strategies like these should help to make your customers happier and your profits higher:

1. Use deodorising products in your daily cleaning routine.

If you have trouble with odors, make sure that your cleaning crew address odors on a daily basis. Have them spray deodorisers as needed, or have them sprinkle deodorising powder onto your carpet as they vacuum. Also, consider having them open the windows while cleaning as ventilation is key to odor reduction.

2. Increase the ventilation in your hotel.

Have an HVAC professional clean your vents on a regular basis to ensure that you have the proper amount of ventilation coming into your hotel. Consider using air purifiers in the hallways or other spaces where the air feels stale. Open vents on air conditioners to bring more fresh outside air into your hotel.

3. Restrict pets or smoking to certain rooms.

If you want to allow pets or smoking in your hotel, only do that in certain rooms. Try to rent those rooms out to people who want spaces for their pets or spaces where they are allowed to smoke. Those guests may not be as sensitive to the odors as other guests who do not smoke or have pets.

4. Address your linen storage area.

Between guests, you remove the linens in each room and replace them with new linens, which in most cases you have been storing in your linen closet. If the linens smell clean and freshly laundered when they reach the room, it will help to improve the entire room and how it smells. However, if the linens smell stale and musty, it will make the room smell gross.

Look at where you store your linens. Is the room adequately ventilated? Do you use sachets of lavender to make the linens smell nice? Ask yourself questions like these and do what you can to make sure that your linens smell nice.

5. Remember seasonal cleaning

Just as you seasonally clean your home, you need to seasonally clean your hotel. Every few months, strip the beds in every room. You can rotate rooms on a schedule so that you do not have to do them all at once. Then, let the bare mattress air out. Also, remember that odors lurk in drapes so remove and dry clean those as well. Finally, have the carpet professionally steam cleaned.

For more tips on keeping your hotel smelling fresh and nice, contact a commercial cleaner such as Delron Carpet Cleaning Service.