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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

Five Window Cleaning Tricks Every Homeowner Needs to Know

by Elsie Holland

Clean, streak-free windows do not just look good. They feel good, and they lend an upbeat, shiny, squeaky clean vibe to your entire home. However, keeping your windows clean can be a cumbersome affair, especially if you live in a dusty area. Make window cleaning easy with these five tips and strategies:

1. Remove dust and dirt.

Before you add water or liquid cleaner to your windows, remove as much dirt as possible. As you know, dirt, when moistened, turns to mud. To remove dirt from your window tracks, use a small brush and a dust pan. Then, use a small attachment on your vacuum to remove dust from your screens. Move from the top to the bottom of the screen for the greatest efficacy.

If you have mud splatters or dirt on your windows, do not immediately tackle those spots with glass cleaner. Instead, use soap and water. Then, dry and begin to use glass cleaner.

2. Embrace natural cleaners.

Solutions made just for windows are effective, but they are not the only way to get super clean windows. If you want to save money on window cleaners, use a natural substitution instead. Products such as ammonia or vinegar work as well as many top brand cleaners.

3. Utilise newspapers instead of cloth towels.

For a streak-free shine, you need to dry off the window cleaner as much as possible. While soft terry cloth towels work for this job, they are not the most effective option. Instead, use newspapers.

Start from the top of the window and clean in a downward motion. Do not continue to use the papers as they get wet. Instead, change them out for fresh pieces of newspaper as soon as they begin to get damp.

4. Clean on cloudy days.

If possible, try to clean your windows on a cloudy day. The slant of the light on a cloudy day makes it easier to see and eliminate streaks. Additionally, when the hot sun is blazing on your windows, it may dry the cleaning solution before you get a chance to wipe it off. As a result, your windows will become streaky.

5. Hire professional window cleaners.

If you want the pleasure of super clean windows but not the associated labour, consider bringing in the pros, like those at http://www.acgwindowcleaning.com. Professional window cleaners have the tools and tricks your windows need. With just a small investment, you can have cleaner windows than you have ever had before.