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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

Questions to Ask a Prospective Commercial Office Cleaner

by Elsie Holland

If you're the owner of your own business, or you're the office manager, one of the things you have to ensure is that your workplace is clean. This is not only for hygiene reasons, but also because studies have shown that worker productivity increases in an orderly, clean environment. So before you sign a contract with a commercial office cleaning company, here are some questions to ask to ensure that you are getting the services and protection you need.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?

Any office cleaner you think about hiring should have at minimum, liability insurance and damage protection coverage. Liability insurance protects you from a lawsuit in the event that one of the commercial office workers is injured during a cleaning session. Damage protection insurance provides coverage for any items that a commercial office cleaner damages, breaks or spoils while cleaning.

Are You a 'Green' Cleaner?

Many commercial office cleaning companies like GreenKleen Australia now offer all-natural cleaning products and procedures instead of ones that contain harsh chemicals, additives and toxins. Many offices are transitioning to green cleaning systems in an effort to protect their workers and the environment, so it's important for you to know if the prospective cleaner has any supplies that are environmentally-friendly.

Do You Charge More for the First Cleaning?

Many commercial office cleaners charge a premium fee for the first cleaning session because they have to get accustomed to your workplace and the level of cleaning necessary so that all you will need after that is regular maintenance. But if you don't inquire about this additional fee, you may not be too happy when you get that first bill and it's higher than what you thought.

Do You Clean Windows? 

This sounds like it will be an obvious 'yes,' but keep in mind that many commercial office cleaning companies may only clean the inside of your windows and that's all. The reason is that many companies don't have the equipment or the training to clean your exterior windows. So even if you receive a 'yes' answer, dig deeper to find out if it's just the interior windows that the company is saying it can clean.

Do You Offer Additional Services? 

Some commercial office cleaners can do more than just clean your floors, bathrooms, desks and kitchen area. They can also clean carpets, polish hardwood floors, provide recycling services and provide restocking services for linen, towels and kitchen supplies. If you want a full-service office cleaner, this question will rule out a lot of contenders.