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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

What action you should take if you find asbestos in your home

by Elsie Holland

Asbestos is a dangerous product that was used for many years in the construction process before it was found to be harmful to human health. There can be asbestos is most of the major fixtures and fittings that are used during the construction process of a house, such as in the walls and ceilings, pipes, ducts, paint and even tiling.

Asbestos becomes dangerous when it is airborne, as the dust particles will become trapped in your lungs when they are breathed in and can cause many severe illnesses over time. Therefore, whether you are moving into a new home, you are doing work on your current home or you are simply concerned that there is asbestos in your house, you should take the necessary action in order to remove it. Here is some advice that will help you with the identification and removal process.

Identifying the presence of asbestos in your home

If the house was not built in the last decade or so, there is a chance that asbestos based materials where used during the construction process. While it does not cause harm when it is not airborne, once it is disturbed and enters the atmosphere, you are in trouble. If you have any suspicion that there is asbestos in your home, you should get a professional to conduct an inspection and to take samples of the air and dust in your home.

Some signs may be very easy to identify, such as asbestos based insulation, while other signs will not be as clear. The air and dust samples will be sent to a specialised lab, which will determine if there is any asbestos contained in the sample. If there is a presence of asbestos, you need to take the necessary steps to remove it.

Removing asbestos from your home

Now that you know there is asbestos in your home, you need to hire professional asbestos disposal services in order to safely remove it. While some people may try to do it themselves, it requires a lot of specialised equipment and training to conduct the removal effectively. You don't want to put the health of you or your family at risk for the sake of saving a bit of money.

Before the removal is conducted, you should refrain from doing a number of activities that may disturb the asbestos. Refrain from drilling holes, sanding, using power and pressure tools on areas where there is asbestos, as this will make it become airborne.