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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

2 Important Questions to Ask a Potential Rubbish Removal Company

by Elsie Holland

When you're ready to tackle a renovation project or just a major spring cleaning of your home, you want to hire a rubbish removal company. This can mean having a skip bin to keep your property neat and clean and also having the rubbish hauled away for you when your project is over. As you search for a rubbish removal company, you may not know everything involved in the disposal process, so note a few questions you might ask so you ensure you hire the best company for your needs.

1. Ask how they dispose of the rubbish

A good rubbish removal company will be environmentally safe when it comes to disposal; this might mean actually picking and sorting through your rubbish items to remove things that can be recycled. It may also mean pulling out items that could be dangerous if left in landfills, such as old car parts that may still have fluid in them or any type of oil. These items may need special disposal methods rather than simply being dumped in a landfill, and a good rubbish removal company will employ these practices to keep the environment safe.

2. Ask about their variety of bins

No two home projects are alike, which is why you want to work with a rubbish removal company that will offer you a variety of bins. This can mean a bin with a lid in case you need it overnight and want to ensure no critters get into your rubbish and make a mess. A walk-in bin can make it easier for you to toss out items that are too heavy to lift over the edge of the bin; if you'll be cleaning out furniture and other heavy items, a walk-in bin is best. Smaller bins on wheels can be better if you want to move it around your space, such as when removing landscaping and yard waste. 

Note too that the variety of bins may also affect your cost. No doubt you will ask about pricing when dealing with a rubbish removal company, but if they need to make multiple trips to remove your rubbish bin and charge for each trip, this can cost you more money than if you opted for one larger bin. Be sure to ask about their variety of bins for convenience and cost savings, rather than assuming that "one size fits all" when it comes to rubbish removal.