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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

Four Crucial Cleaning Tips for Your Wooden Boat Dock

by Elsie Holland

Timber boat docks require regular maintenance for prolonged service and consistent performance. In general, if this type of structure is neglected, it will experience an unattractive build-up of dirt, grime and organic growths. Over time, the wood used in the dock construction will deteriorate, and the repair expenses might be quite high. Therefore, you should be diligent in your upkeep practices, particularly cleaning. Here are some essential guidelines to remember when cleaning your boat dock.

Choose Safe Cleaning Soap

You should choose a safe soap for cleaning your dock to ensure cleanliness while protecting aquatic life. You should look for products which are designed for this particular application to ensure the best results. In simple terms, you should look for wood cleaning products which will not cause the deterioration of wood. Also, they should be biodegradable and harmless to animals when released to the environment.

Watch the Washer Pressure

Power washers are highly effective for eliminating the stubborn dirt from the timber surfaces of the dock. When used correctly alongside soap and suitable scrubbing tools, the results will be exceptional. However, you should not be quick to use water under high pressure on your docking. The high pressure delivered can cause the breakdown of the wood and subsequent failure of the marine structure. You should always utilise low pressure, or you can just use a hose.

Sand the Surface Periodically

Your dock can develop stubborn stains, and the appearance of the wood can deteriorate over time. Unfortunately, some of the grime cannot be eliminated through thorough scrubbing. If you notice this type of problem in your marina, you should think about sanding the wood. This practice will eliminate the unattractive layer on the wood and reveal a clean and fresh look. For this process, you can use a sandblaster for ideal efficiency.

Remove Mould and Mildew

Finally, you should keep your eye on the dock boards in case mould and mildew grows on the surfaces. These fungal organisms can cause significant structural damage, but their effect is minimal if they are eliminated during the early stages. Therefore, if you identify strange growths, you should purchase mildew and mould cleaning solutions and scrub the boards thoroughly. These products contain citric acid or oxygen bleach for effective fungi removal.

Cleaning your boat docks can be a daunting process, and poor practices can lead to the damage of the wood and the subsequent need for replacement. Therefore, where possible, you should hire an experienced marine services provider for professional cleaning and general maintenance.