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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

Why New Parents Need Carpet Cleaning Before Baby's Due Date

by Elsie Holland

Aside from setting up furniture and baby-proofing everything, one of the most important things you need to do to prepare your home for your little one's arrival is make sure everything is clean and spotless. Your carpets are no exception, which is why it's important that you schedule a carpet cleaning before your due date. Here are 3 reasons why a clean carpet is essential when you're expecting.

Dirty Carpets Can Harm Your Baby

Without a doubt, health and safety is the most important reason you should have your carpet cleaned before you baby is born. It may come as a surprise, but carpets can quickly become filled with harmful germs. Over  time, carpet fibres collect dust, insect eggs, cleaning chemical residue and various other bacteria and toxins. Regular vacuuming is a good way to get rid of these germs and allergens, but many harmful particles are often left behind.

Most newborn babies and young infants won't come into direct contact with carpet until they're older, but that doesn't mean they're not at risk from dirty carpets. Whenever the fibres are disturbed (by footsteps, for example), bacteria and volatile compounds can become airborne, getting into your baby's delicate respiratory system.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned before your baby is born will get rid of all these toxins. Plus, once your carpet is fully cleaned, it will be quicker and easier to keep it consistently germ-free after your baby is born.

You'll Keep Critical Visitors Quiet

Every family unit and friendship circle has someone critical in the mix, be that a nosy grandfather or a haughty colleague. Generally, these people are the last to get invited to a get-together, but once you're baby is born you won't be able to keep them from wanting to visit.

Most new parents already worry that their parenting choices will be criticised by friends and family who think they know better. The last thing you want is to have the cleanliness of your house criticised too. Having your carpets cleaned before everyone comes over to see your bundle of joy will keep your most nosy family and friends quiet, ensuring you say sane and comfortable.

There Won't Be Time to Clean Afterwards

Since preparations can quickly mount up, some parents-to-be make the mistake of thinking that carpet cleaning is best left until after the baby is born. However, if you think things are hectic now, just imagine how much more difficult tasks like cleaning will be once you have a needy newborn who needs round-the-clock care and attention. Even something as simple as scheduling a carpet cleaning can be difficult when you're trying to juggle nappies, feedings and more.

On top of that, some carpet cleaning methods use heat and soap to disinfect the fibres and remove all bacteria. Since a hot, damp environment can cause mould growth and chemical soaps can give off mild fumes, it's best to air your home out after this type of cleaning before you bring a baby into the environment.