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Old Fashioned Home Cleaning Tips

Three reasons for installing a garbage chute

by Elsie Holland

Many high-rise buildings now contain garbage chutes, which residents and workers can use to dispose of rubbish without having to go down to street level. What are the advantages of using such a waste disposal method?


Garbage chutes are convenient, both for the residents and for whoever has responsibility for collecting the garbage. No one at the top of a tower block wants to have to go all the way down to drop off a bag of rubbish; and from the garbage collection point of view, having to go through the entire building to pick up the trash would increase the time needed, and therefore the costs. By having a simple chute with access on each floor, residents can drop their rubbish without any fuss, and let gravity do the work. They will also not have to worry about leaving anything out at a particular time or day. The rubbish will all finish up in a single unoccupied part of the building, which means the garbage contractor can collect it in a single trip, saving time and money.

Health and safety

The less contact people have with their rubbish, the less chance there is for any germs to spread. Without a chute, people may allow the garbage to pile up in an apartment until there is enough to make it worth taking to the street, which can encourage insects and pests to take up residence. Waste contractors will find it easier to manage the garbage if it is concentrated in a single area of the building. They will be able to keep it clean and sanitised, and to avoid infestations by insects and rodents. Concentrating the rubbish in this way also means that nasty smells will be kept away from the rest of the building, improving the air quality throughout.


As well as disposing of the trash, garbage chutes can be used for sorting. People are usually happy to sort their rubbish for recycling if the facilities exist and are easy to use. Separate chutes for materials that can be recycled make the sorting far easier, and they make it more likely that these materials will be separated out.

Anyone managing a large apartment building will need to make decisions about how the rubbish will be disposed of. By installing a garbage chute, you will carry out a solution that is convenient, safer and better for the environment.